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Mulberry Class are taught by Mrs Good and Mrs Morris. Mrs Morris teaches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; Mrs Good on Thursday and Friday. 


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Gressenhall Neolithic trip 2019

Posted: Mar 6, 2019 by: Generic Teacher (Teacher blog) on: Mulberry Class 2018-19

On Monday, we visited Gressenhall farm and workhouse, to take part in activities all about Neolithic times (also known as the Stone Age). First we visited the museum and learnt all about tools, pots and other items that have been found by archaeologists. We had to look around carefully and find some of these items like a arrowhead. We looked at flints and hammer heads  and found out how these were created.


Then we went into the forest to find out about how the Stone age people were 'hunter-gatherers'. We learnt that they ate nuts and  berries that they found, and hunted for animals and fish. We looked at different weapons that they used such as a long bow, arrow and a long spear. The children then had a chance to hunt 'Pickles' the wild boar, by throwing a spear at him.

After that, we talked about how people in Neolithic times kept warm. We looked at animal skins that they used for clothing, and thought about the temporary shelters that they made, so that as 'hunter-gatherers' they had the chance to move around to find food. We created our own shelters to keep us dry and warm.

Finally, we thought about later in the Neolithic period, when the Stone Age people began to farm. They realised that they could plant seeds which would then produce wheat and other things to eat.But they had to clear the land of trees first, hoe the land to remove all the stones and flints, then plough the field, so they could sow the seeds.

We all had a great time, and enjoyed finding out more about the Stone age.


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