Mulberry Class (year 3)


Mulberry Class are taught by Mrs Good and Mrs Morris. Mrs Morris teaches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; Mrs Good on Thursday and Friday. 


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Explanation texts

Posted: Feb 27, 2019 by: Generic Teacher (Teacher blog) on: Mulberry Class 2018-19

As part of our work on 'explanation texts' in Literacy, the class have been learning about how important a diagram is.

We have looked at different diagrams this week including the life cycle of a caterpillar/ butterfly, and a food chain showing which creatures eat other creatures.

Yesterday, we read some information about 'The Rock Cycle' and today we created a 3D diagram of the cycle, in preparation for us to write our own explanation text.

It explains how:

1) Magma creeps into the cracks of the volcano or is forced out of the top of the volcano, the lava cools forming igneous rocks.

2) The igneous rock roll into the ocean and break into sediment.

3) Layers of sediment form sedimentary rock. 

4) The sedimentary rock at the bottom gets hotter and is pressed into metamorphic rock where it once again becomes magma.

Here are our 3D diagrams:


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