Maple Class (year five)


Maple Class is taught by Mr Cooper. Mrs Rogers and Mrs Martin also support the children in this class. 


Learning at home 13.07.20 - 21.07.20

KS2 learning at home 4

science experiments

mindfulness challenge cards

Learning profile KS2

Maths videos to support learning

Maths workbooks

Learning at home 29.06.20 - 10.07.20 

KS2 learning at home 29th June

Family treasure hunt

Learning at home 15.06.20 - 26.06.20 

KS2 learning at home 15th June

Mindfulness 2

Learning at home 01.06.20 - 12.06.20

KS2 learning at home June 1

Mindfulness activities

Learning at home 18.05.20

Home learning week 5 -Maple

Outdoor learning grid 3

Learning at home 11.05.20

Home learning week 4 - Maple

Learning at home 04.05.20

Home learning week 3 - Maple

Home learning 27.04.20

Maple home learning week 2

Home learning 20.04.20

Maple learning at home week 1.pdf

Home learning 18.03.20

Homework spring term year 5.pdf

Home learning activities year 5.pdf



Look below to read their blog and see what they have been getting up to in class. 


Optional resources to support home learning


Year 5 Practical Ideas.pdf

Year 5 Practical Ideas.pdf

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